A Paradoxical Millennial

Somewhat-alternative thoughts on Society and Culture


What is there to say?

I’m a Brit, though I have lived abroad. I’m currently at university, and have just reached my twenties. I’m a Millennial who, growing up in the 21st century world, finds himself often confused and adrift, never quite sure what he truly thinks or believes. The best way for me to┬áconsolidate and solidify my thoughts on the various issues of today is to write about them. I don’t expect to solve these issues or even come to a final judgement upon them, but at least to come to terms with the fact that I cannot.

I hope that my writings might ring a bell with a few people, and strongly encourage anybody reading my posts to comment upon them and contact me. Discussion and deliberative debate is the best way, I feel, to arriving at a better understanding of the multitude of issues that face us – especially young people – in today’s bewildering world.